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Barnard Gate Garden Village will provide numerous benefits including:


A wide range of new homes that will cater for everyone’s housing needs, including young families looking to upsize, those who want a little extra room to those looking for a place to enjoy their retirement and everybody else in-between.


Lots of public open space, including a number of equipped play areas for children, incorporating a large number of interconnected footpaths, cycleways and bridleways.


A new Country Park which can be enjoyed by all, regardless of where you live in the district.


A hotel/pub has been located to the north of the settlement along the A40.


An informal village green, including a cricket pitch and bowling green, are located at the heart of the village to be enjoyed by all.


2 primary schools across the site to enable children to walk to their local primary school and form bonds and relationships with the children in their village.


A new sports park, club house and lido, which can be used by those wanting to play competitively or just wanting to have fun.


A central area for allotments and community orchard has been identified to be used by the residents of the village.


There will be extensive improvements to the A40 including its dualling and a new pedestrian/cyclepath along the full extent of the site frontage. The introduction of roundabouts, street lighting and crossing and new bus stops close to the A40 will ensure that all users of this section of the A40, pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users and drivers alike, will benefit from the significant improvements which can be facilitated through this development.


A new Neighbourhood Centre which can provide retail opportunities and space for a wide range of services for various needs including a nursery or crèche facility, doctor’s surgery and pharmacy. Further community buildings and facilities will be provided throughout the development within the areas of open space.


A new Science Park/Business Park which will provide employment opportunities for jobs across many sectors appealing to people of varying skill sets.

A scheme of apartments with care (Use Class C2) will be provided on site and conveniently located to the centre of the village.


An extensive network of green corridors which will ensure that the Garden Village is enjoyable and easy to navigate for both people and wildlife.


A cemetery has been located in the tranquil south west corner of the site.


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Please register if you would like to recieve regular updates on the progress of Barnard Gate.

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