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December 2017
Preparing Documents for the Planning Application

The Barnard Gate Garden Village team have been working hard to finalise the documents for the planning application.

November 2017
Preparing the Planning Application

The Barnard Gate Garden Village team have been busy finalising the planning application documents which include all the technical information and the Environmental Statement.

September 2017
Gladman Presents to Local Residents

The Barnard Gate Garden Village team attended the Freeland Parish Council meeting on 18th September 2017 to present the proposals to the members of the Parish Council. This meeting was subsequently followed up with a presentation and question and answer session with residents of Freeland, Long Hanborough and Church Hanborough on 29th September 2017.

The team were also given the opportunity to present the proposals to the residents of South Leigh as part of the South Leigh Parish Council meeting on 27th September.

Both meetings were well attended and explored various topics including infrastructure, education, on site facilities and services and green space provision. As part of the presentations, the latest version of the masterplan was distributed and is now available to download here.

August 2017
Public exhibitions held in South Leigh and Eynsham

Public exhibitions were held in South Leigh and Eynsham. Both events were well attended with approximately 300 people over the two days. The comments which were received on the day, and all other comments received by post, email, or through the website, will be carefully reviewed and further changes to the development proposals will be considered.

Thank you to all those who attended and those that have made comments.

July 2017
Public Exhibition to take place in August

A Public Exhibition for the Barnard Gate Garden Village proposal has been arranged for Friday 4th August 2017 in the South Leigh Village Hall between 3-7pm and Saturday 5th August 2017 in Eynsham Village Hall 10am-4pm. 

If you are unable to attend any of these exhibitions, but would like the opportunity to read the information boards and leave your feedback on the response forms provided, a set of replica information boards will be on display in Witney High Street Methodist Church 40 High Street, Witney OX28 6HG, from 3pm on Friday 4th August until 4pm Saturday 5th August.

An electronic copy of the exhibition boards which will be displayed at the various venues can be downloaded here.

July 2017

In July 2017, the vast majority of technical information has been collected and used to inform the masterplan for Barnard Gate Garden Village. The Masterplan is available here.

June 2017
Meeting with West Oxfordshire District Council

In June 2017, Gladman attended a pre-application meeting with West Oxfordshire District Council to discuss the proposals for Barnard Gate Garden Village.

May 2017
Park & Ride

In May 2017, as a direct result of consultation with OCC, it was agreed that the park and ride would no longer be provided at Barnard Gate Garden Village. The masterplan therefore needed to be reworked to take into account this change.

April 2017
Oxfordshire County Council’s Written Response

In April 2017,Oxfordshire County Council’s written response to the pre-application meeting was received and provided helpful information to be incorporated into the proposals.

March 2017
OCC Pre-app

In April 2017, there was a pre-application meeting with Oxfordshire County Council’s (OCC) highways team. Topics covered included a new park & ride, potential improvements to the A40 enhancements to public transport and the requirements and methodology for the Transportation Assessment. 

February 2017
Science Park to move north of A40

In February 2017, options were explored to include land to the north of the A40 within the Barnard Gate Garden Village as it was felt that this new land would be a better location for the science park. A revised masterplan illustrates where this area is proposed, relative to the rest of the site.

January 2017
Engaging with Parish Councils

 In January 2017, there were two separate meetings held with Eynsham Neighbourhood Planning Group/Parish Council and South Leigh Parish Council. A range of issues were discussed within both meetings, a key one in both meetings being highways. Issues such as schools, healthcare, science park, flooding and the current planning situation within West Oxfordshire. These meetings were both productive and informative.

December 2016
Vision Document

In December 2016, a Vision Document (available here) for Barnard Gate Garden Village was submitted to the Council has part of the Local Plan examination. This Vision Document sets out the initial vision for the Barnard Gate Garden Village, and contains the first draft masterplan, as well as outlining the benefits of the proposals.

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